Friday, August 19, 2011

Intellectual Property Video


Video #2 is the updated version that corrects Video #1's sound overlay problems.

Intellectual Property

Imagine a world without intellectual property. We live in a society some say creates more problems with intellectual property than it solves, thanks to global convoluted laws and regulations. Are we better off with or without these legal mandates that touch upon every aspect of our lives?

F. Davis

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  1. Hi Fred:

    I thought your topic was extremely relevant to our studies and I learned a lot. Thanks for that. It seems as if you had a problem I was having of the music overwhelming your voice. I was able to reset the music by moving the audio line that runs across the bottom of the video. I clicked on the line and dragged it downward. That was the way I could control that volume. I don't know if that will work for you...Your graphics are engaging. I wanted to be able to hear the results of the work the WIPO at this time. Let me know if you can rectify the volume issue as I would love to hear the entire presentation. What I could hear was well thought out and well written. You voice volume was fine, just try to lower the music volume and I think you will be fine.

    Hope to Skype with you later

    Good luck - Gini

  2. Fred,

    I will have to agree with Gina in that the music distracted me from the information you were given. You may want to look at taking the music off so that the focus will be on what you have to say.


  3. Gini,

    Your comments are right on the mark. I can't tell you how frustrating it is as a technology instructor to encounter the problems I encountered with the sound/audio tracks on my video. The simple thing to do, as you correctly noted, is to lower the the track when one track overpowers another. I was able to make some progress in still, another redo. But for some inexplicable reason, two of the three tracks with my voice and the ambient sound were largely fused, making it very difficult to follow the usual editing procedures.

    Oh, well. It wouldn't be technology if there were no headcahes involved. Thanks so much for your well-placed observations.


  4. Debra,

    Your observations, too, are appreciated. There were other elements of the video that I would have also appreciated your feedback on, as the ambient music was not the entirety of the piece.

    Thanks, however, for passing some comments along.

    All the best,